My name is Ana Cvitić, I have a master’s degree in design and have had my own design studio ever since I finished my studies. Many creative ideas (some smaller, some bigger) were created in it.
For many years it was primarily a studio for graphic design and digital printing and now it has become a studio for handmade paper.

Paper and its “power” has been my passion since the very beginning of my studies, which I will (hopefully) try to convey to all of you who are interested.

While paper represents something which we use daily and don’t really think about it, it is in fact a very powerful tool through which we express our thoughts, ideas, drafts, words…

Paper has enabled man to leave a mark in the world!

I hope that with my work, with my handmade paper, I will be able to introduce you to this wonderful world of creation where you will use my, or better yet, YOUR paper for all of YOUR ideas with joy!

There is no “shortcut” to creating a handmade piece of paper, it cannot be ready for the next day and you cannot make huge amounts of it. The process takes its time and you cannot skip any of the steps or rush them. The process of creating handmade paper is like a small slow motion ritual which you repeat over and over again, while meditating the whole time.

It’s therapeutic and brings pure joy.

That’s the reason why I make it. ☺

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