This is handmade paper.

Just thinking about its quality, fineness, colour, looks… It is COMPLETELY different and definitely more special than the regular kind of paper that we all know so well.

This paper is made using remains from natural fabric materials such as cotton, flax or hemp fibre.

In collaboration with a variety of other professions (tailors, textile manufacturers, renters, shop owners and private individuals…) we receive leftover natural fabric materials (cloths, sheets, shirts…) which, by using our superpowers ☺ and other tools, we transform into beautiful, eco-friendly and sustainable pieces of paper.

Why do we prefer handmade paper?

Just to name a few reasons…
We can mention the ecological aspect of it – by recycling previously used materials that surround us, not only are we preserving our planet, but we’re also making something new and valuable.

Let’s talk about aesthetics – handmade paper is undoubtedly prettier, more elegant and at the same time stronger and more robust than regular paper. It can hardly be explained with words, you’ll have to touch it and feel it.

Then there’s authenticity – when something (whatever that may be) is made by hand, it is intertwined with your thoughts, your imagination and your whole being, unlike the regular paper which is machine made.

We should also mention the uniqueness of each piece – there can never exist two equal pieces of handmade paper, no matter how hard you try.

Isn’t that wonderful?

What can we use it for?

Actually, you can use it for whatever comes to your mind.

Handmade paper is high in quality and is made professionally, thus it can be used for various creative projects.

As a precondition, this type of paper needs to mean something to you and it can never be just a piece of paper you would tear out of your notebook to write down a phone number.

This is a special “piece” of paper, it reflects and presents who you are.

It helps to transform your feelings and ideas into words and send them to someone special in form of picture, letter, invitation, (business) cards, notes…

This particular “piece” of paper can invite all your dear friends and family to your most special day, be it a wedding, christening, starting a business, or your first concert or exhibition…
This paper is here to guide you through all of the most important events (public or private) and completes them down to the smallest detail.

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