Refunds and Replacements

Replacing a purchased product for a different one is possible by sending the product back to DCT obrt za dizajn i turizam at customer’s own expense where DISITI webshop employees review it. If a customer purchased a product and wants to exchange it for another size or a completely different product, it can do so by contacting the DISITI webshop at +385 91 58 93 531. If it is evaluated that the product is without error, it will be replaced with another item at the request of the customer. The replaced product is then sent to customer’s address free of charge.

The ordered products are packaged carefully to prevent any possible loss and damage in transport. Customer is obliged to check the package for any possible damage before accepting it and any visible damage is to be reported immediately along with refusal of the said parcel. Once the parcel is refused, the delivery service will return it directly to DCT obrt za dizajn i turizam noting that the package contains a defect.

If the customer notices defects in the goods after the arrival of the package, complaints can be made in writing to the e-mail address:, directly to DCT obrt za dizajn i turizam, Valdebečki put 83, 52100 Pula, or via phone +385 91 58 93 531.

In the event of a justified complaint, the contract can be terminated along with a refund or a replacement of the product in question. In the event of damage and/or defects of the products, the Customer can return the items to the below stated address in order for the complaint to be acknowledged on the basis of physical evidence. If the physical evidence suggests that the product was damaged by intentional or accidental mechanical action that occurred after the product was sent to the customer, the complaint will be rejected. In this case Customer’s material responsibility is determined.

According to Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14), paragraphs 5 and 6, if a defect on a product occurs within six months from the date the product was purchased, and the vendor claims the defect did not exist at that time, the costs of product assessment shall be borne by the vendor. If a defect on a product occurs after six months, but not later than 24 months from the date of purchase, the costs of expertise assessment are borne by either the Customer or the vendor, depending on the assessment result. Vendor is not responsible for any defects that occur after two years from the purchase.

The product must be in its original packaging along with the original invoice. If the complaint is valid, the Customer will either receive a new product or get a complete refund. DCT obrt za dizajn i turizam will send the new product back to Customer’s address free of charge.

Address for sending the products back in case of complaints:
DCT obrt za dizajn i turizam, Valdebečki put 83, 52100 Pula
OIB: 38075285560
Phone: 385 91 58 93 531


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